Tuesday, October 23, 2012



I thought I was being so clever the other day...

Charlotte had this little purple top.

And on the front of this little purple top was a bow.

(as you can tell from the photo above - we're a bit too curious about the camera... so instead of sitting still for a photo, we just come closer and closer to the lens!)

It looked gorgeous when it was new... but with every wash, the bow just bunched up more and more... until it reached the point that it was just a weird blob on the front of her top.

So I took it off.

 I'd been meaning to do it for ages, but somehow the simple task kept evading me...


I did the right thing - and used a seam ripper, instead of just gouging at it with a pair of scissors... or using my teeth!

Yet somehow I still ended up with a hole - Aaarghhhhhhh.

(I like to believe that the hole was there under the bow anyway - maybe from all the pulling? Hey! I tell myself what I need to hear)

So here's the top (minus the bow).


And here's that pesky little hole... on the yoke, just above the seam...


Add some buttons:


And here's THE FIX!


Don't tell anyone, but I was actually going to stitch buttons all the way along the seam - but I was bored after the first three...


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Neen said...

The three buttons look cute. Great fix for a pesky problem :)