Friday, September 12, 2008

finished object #1

woo-hoo! I have a finished object!

Admittedly it only needed about 30 minutes of work to finish off... but now it is done... and OUT of the red suitcase.


It's another variation of the easy peasy crochet bag. Click here for bag tutorial.

I worked 10 rounds using three different strands of yarn, then turned the bag inside out. Worked 5 rounds using three strands of the same colour, then turned the bag inside out again. Switched back to the three different strands and worked 3 rounds. Then turned the bag inside out for a final time and added the trim.


The bag has been lined with some scrap fabric. Click here for lining tutorial.


I then cut four small hearts from an old felted jumper, embroidered a blanket stitch around the edges of each, and assembled them to look like a flower. Added a recycled button to the centre. Also added some running stitch detail around the bag, using two strands of dark brown yarn, to match the trim.



Sherryknit said...

The flower matched perfectly. I love these bags!!!!The flowers on the tree are cool too. Good Luck on finishing the rest of them.

bec said...

Love the bag, never knew how good crocheting can look! And the flower is awesome. I want one!

Wendy said...

Lovely! You really are good at making these.

heklica said...

Wow, the blue one is your best ever, I think. I love the lining too.

Christine said...

Ooh I really like this one! Gorgeous

laughing purple goldfish said...

sherryknit - yes... the spring blossoms are starting to appear on all our fruit trees... I love this time of year!

beccasauras - I love the flower too... it actually started out as a row of hearts I was going to put on the bag, and then those hearts just kind of morphed into a flower

wendy - thanks... I'm really enjoying them... they're so simple

misha - thanks... I love the little ladybugs on the lining

christine - thank you :)

J. M. said...

this is gorgeous

laughing purple goldfish said...

jacint decorart - much appreciated... thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Just loved this bag, I have used ur tutoria for a bag pics are on my blog.

Thanks for Sharing