Sunday, January 20, 2008

crochet flower bag

I recently received a donation of knitting books from my mum. She declared that she no longer had any use for them, which I found kind of sad. I just can't imagine ever reaching a point in my life where I say... no more knitting for me.

The box of books is really a box of memories for me. Full of those patterns I gazed upon as a child learning to knit. Memories of clothing I actually wore. Clothing I longed to make.

Most of them aren't even pattern books really. They are pull-out sections from womens magazines... from the early 70s. So much of the magazine was devoted to home crafts in those days.

I love looking through those pages. Not so much looking for a pattern to use, but more for inspiration and ideas.

Anyway, I recently came across an afghan made of beautiful flower motifs. I decided to use the motif as the centrepiece for this cotton bag. It's just a basic shopping bag... a bit fancier than the usual string variety, but just as stretchy! I made it for a swap I am participating in.

Of course I have used reclaimed cotton... is there any other kind?

lace swap bag

My swap partner has a little girl, and I know how much little girls love handbags. So tonight I will sit down with some leftover cotton and see what I can whip up for her. Then tomorrow I can head to the post office... well before the swap deadline! yay

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