Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a time of planning

Happy New Year to all!

I'm not much of a one for making New Year's Resolutions. There never seemed to be much point. Traditionally they are all broken by the end of January anyway!

But I do have plans for this year... mostly regarding my craft.

#1. 'finish what you start'

Anyone who knows me well will be rolling around on the floor in hysterics at this suggestion! I am notoriously bad when it comes to finishing anything... fabulous at starting projects, but not so good on the follow through! So let's take it easy and just start with January. A time for finishing. I have 10 WIPs on my ravelry project page in various stages of completion. They will be finished by the end of this month. I will also reclaim yarn from four jumpers. Plus I have a pair of sock club socks to knit and a woolaholics lace swap item to make. Nothing new is cast on until ALL of those projects are completed!

#2. focus on reclaimed and recycled materials

Having learned to appreciate the art of reclaiming yarns... I love it! So it's my focus from here on in to use them wherever possible.

#3. share my patterns with the world

Why not? I have certainly appreciated finding so many free online patterns, so it's time to 'pass it on' and share some of my own. Knit and crochet.

So... that's for starters! Time to get busy.

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