Tuesday, January 29, 2008

vintage reds

decided to re-test my adorable ruffles pattern... with a few variations

vintage ruffles

this time I plied together the reclaimed cotton from a deep pink cardigan and a burgundy jumper... they blended into this gorgeous vintage red mix, which I used for the main part of the hat

to continue with the 'vintage theme' I added a simple picot edging... sc, (sc,dc,sc) in next stitch... repeated to end

I made a slightly different flower for the front this time... five petals, of course... don't know why it is? but I have a thing for five petals!!!

in the photo, the hat looks a little 'square' on top... my model today was uncooperative, so I had to improvise and put the hat on my lampshade!

I'm re-working the little miss two bag in vintage colours to match this hat... should be finished tomorrow

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