Saturday, January 19, 2008

herringbone bag

in the interest of actually finishing projects... here is my completed herringbone bag


It has been off the needles for a few weeks now, but I was having trouble finding the motivation to sew and line it. At last it is done. I'm not feeling much love for it at the moment... I'm actually a bit sick of the sight of it. It's not that I don't like the bag. I do. I'm just over it for the moment.

The herringbone bag is my own design. I will write up the pattern for it at some stage. Later... I feel too bleargh about it at the moment!

Next time I would make the band a little longer. On this one I had to crochet a rope edge around the top to add some 'bulk' to the band. I have lined this one. It is too smooshy and not supportive enough without a lining. I actually put some strengthening into the band lining, so it would hold the desired shape. As always, I made the internal pocket in a different fabric. Oh, and the button needed a shank attachment.



Shona said...

I think it is beautiful. You should be proud of it. The fabric you choose for the lining is supreme! Great job! :D

Anonymous said...

I like it also. It is beautiful. Can't wait for you to post the pattern.