Thursday, January 17, 2008

second sails

Found a fabulous little op shop during my family holiday at Apollo Bay... called Second Sails. Of course, I couldn't help but 'pop' in just for a little look see. There were bargains galore! So I convinced myself that it was okay to buy just a few more jumpers to unravel... and my enabling husband was happy to carry the bags for me! I love that man!!


I scored 14 garments... for the grand total of $30

Some I will felt, and the others I will unravel... either way, it will keep me busy for a little while.

Then my sister brought me a couple of bags of goodies. Stuff she was taking to the op shop, but she's a good sister and lets me sort through the items first. Lots of sheets and other assorted items which will be turned into fab-yarn. And six more jumpers!!! What a treasure my sister is. I love her too!


Handling yarn relaxes me, calms me... and really settles my nerves. It doesn't seem to matter whether I am constructing or de-constructing... it all has the same effect on me.

Yes, I'm obsessed... but it's a fairly cheap hobby, and it keeps me out of trouble!

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