Wednesday, March 19, 2008

messy's doll

zettified art stuff - buffet (side view)

my zettified art stuff swap doll is finished!

you will remember that I had to make it personally significant to my swap partner... not entirely easy when you don't actually know the person... but it certainly added to the challenge

so here's how I went about it

the body is green, which is messy's favourite colour

the doll has blue hair, to match the blue highlights that messy has in her own hair

she wears a fire hat, since messy loves driving her fire truck in local parades!

zettified art stuff - buffet

messy adores cats, so the doll has many feline features... paws, tail, whiskers

zettified art stuff - back view

there is a 'days of our lives' quotation on the hat, since messy is a huge fan of the soapie

zettified art stuff - hat

and the tartan ribbon was included because messy's real name is bonnie... which makes me think of a 'bonnie wee lass, with a thick scottish accent'