Tuesday, February 26, 2008

zettified art stuffs

zettified art (progress1)

you're looking at the basic building blocks of my current swap project at silly string

once again, I am entering uncharted waters with this one!

the plan is that we take our inspiration from the art work of teesha moore, and then design a 'doll' which will be personally significant to our swap partner... it must be at least 50% crocheted, and include stripes, a hat and a quotation

I've reviewed teesha moore's art, and focussed on the elements that stand out to me... the combination of bright colours and black and white stripes, the facial features have a very realistic quality to them (like a photograph from the 1920s) the eyes are wide set and large, and the mouth is very small by comparison... and there is often a quote, or a set of words on the body

I've also been stalking my swap partner, messy... so I can incorporate characteristics which will be significant to her! I will be including four elements in her doll... her love of cats, fire trucks, days of our lives, and the colour green

wish me luck, and let's see where this project takes me...

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Rima said...

I wish you luck. I am sure that you will work wonders.