Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I had a perm exactly like this...

lion progress1 2008

I had a perm exactly like this... back in the early eighties! what a flashback :)

I've been working on designing a knitted lion, but I'm struggling to get 'in the zone' with it

so yesterday I put down the needles, and picked up my crochet hook instead...

meet desmond the lion (or part thereof)

he has an unfortunate eighties perm, but who am I to judge? been there, done that!

his mane is so soft and cuddly... and I'm loving the almost heart-shaped wooden bead, which I am contemplating for the nose

he's actually much larger than I anticipated... so he will be huge by the time I add a body

oh well... he is the king of the jungle!


Tracy said...

He looks Grrrreat.

NH Knitting Mama said...

So cute!

I linked over from the YLGA. You commented on my ram that I needlefelted - and YES - it's okay to love him! I had a hard time sending him away...