Monday, February 11, 2008



when it comes to my crafting, I am really focussed on using reclaimed and recycled materials... and this extends to include the embellishments as well

I love embellishments... they are that extra touch that you add to a project to really make it stand out from the rest... your embellishment can make even the simplest item seem super-fancy, and will give real character and personality to your work

but choosing the embellishment can be hard...

sometimes I will let a project hibernate for a while after it is finished, because I feel that it needs something more... but I just can't figure out what to add, that will really enhance the appeal... it's worth the wait

I've decided to try looking at designing from a different angle... change it all around and start with the embellishment, and let that dictate the project

so I'm letting myself make some impulse purchases... to allow myself to buy an item just because I love it... but with no real plan in mind...

let the inspiration come later!

we're not talking big bucks here... not even close

and nothing new either... it's op-shopping all the way

so this is my first purchase: a pair of small wooden clogs - paid $1

who knows what they will become a part of? perhaps they will adorn a handbag, I don't know yet

I'm open to suggestions if you have any!

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