Thursday, February 7, 2008

gotta start somewhere...

When it comes to creating characters, it's all about the face and head for me... that's the most interesting and fun part to work on, and it's where the creature really comes to life.

So with a project like this... I have to start with the face... otherwise I am lost!


I only 'do' cute. It's what I love, and anything else feels wrong. I also love odd, unusual and eccentric... but there has to be a good dose of cuteness thrown into the mix too.

I'm happy with chi-kore so far. Just having a think about how to attach his ears. I'd like them to be on a flexible stem of some kind, so they can move around a bit. Crochet covered pipe cleaners would do the job, but I'd rather avoid using wire in him. I might use the top of a bendy drinking straw, and crochet around that instead... but I'm open to other ideas if you have any.

Loving the colours so far... except the pink might have been an unfortunate choice for the nostrils. Am I the only one who thinks they look more like nipples????


Knitting Nurse said...

I like the pink nip-nostrils! the colors are good together, I can wait to see the finished project.

Sithel a.k.a. Miss Rebecca said...

I didn't even notice the nipple nostrils till you pointed them out- even then I'd say not much of an issue. I love how precise your crochet is and how much it resembles the source material! And those colors are amazing- I'm really liking the red within the ear-horn thing...

I'm very excited to see the results!