Friday, February 22, 2008

silly string


if you love your crochet, and are looking to challenge yourself to create something slightly unusual... come and join us over at ravelry in the silly string group

there is an abundance of bizarre challenges, swaps and dares... check them out

one of the february challenges was to create a human ear

at first it didn't appeal to me at all... it's not that I don't like ears - in fact, they are incredibly useful appendages! but I wasn't inspired to work on one

then I started thinking about that scientific breakthrough a few years back... where they were able to grow a human ear on the back of a mouse

it led to this little guy… a mouse with two human ears!

as I was working on him, I had a bit of a giggle about him being the opposite of a ‘mouseketeer’…

instead of a human wearing mouse ears, we have a mouse wearing human ears

I’m easily amused :)

earie (closeup)


Lucky-1 said...

That is just so cute:D Love it.....

Rima said...

This is so super cool! Amazing work.