Tuesday, February 5, 2008

hats off

I almost forgot to make this hat!

Honestly... I really need to start writing things down...

I heard an online friend talking about a 'hat drive' she was organising for a six year old girl named Megan. Megan is suffering from leukemia and soon to commence chemotherapy. My heart went out to her, and I offered to make a hat for the gift basket which is being assembled.

So here is my contribution for Megan...

hats off to megan

I plied together the reclaimed cotton from four different garments, to create this aran weight multi-coloured yarn. Being cotton, it shouldn't irritate her sensitive scalp. It is worked on 5.5mm circular needles... so there are no seams, which is also a bonus for sensitive skin.

It's made from a very simple hat pattern formula.

I cast on 60 stitches, worked in stockingette for seven inches and then began my shaping...

k8, k2tog to end... 54 stitches remain
k7, k2tog to end... 48 stitches remain
k6, k2tog to end... 42 stitches remain
k5, k2tog to end... 36 stitches remain
k4, k2tog to end... 30 stitches remain
k3, k2tog to end... 24 stitches remain
k2, k2tog to end... 18 stitches remain
k1, k2tog to end... 12 stitches remain
k2tog to end... 6 stitches remain

fasten off

I still don't particularly like working on circular needles... but the no seaming is fabulous!

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