Saturday, April 26, 2008

back in the saddle again!

Not quite sure what happened to me this month. I started out crafting like a mad woman, and then dropped completely off the radar. I think I just got distracted by life. My mind was busy with all sorts of other issues... and the craft just didn't happen.

I have had so many wonderful people helping to test my new patterns for me. So when I heard Adriann, a fellow Ravelry member, calling for someone to help her out, I figured it was time to return the favour. Or 'pass it on' as it were.

It was good timing really, because it put that little bit of pressure on me to jump in and finish a project. I think I needed that. There has been too much 'starting' and not enough 'finishing' around here of late. And it gets disheartening.

So to jump in and complete a project was just the boost I needed. The pattern was for a simple crochet hot water bottle cover. I plied together a medium green and a salmon coloured reclaimed cotton. The resulting yarn reminds me of watermelon. It has that fresh pink and green thing going on, but didn't quite photograph true to life.

Of course I had to embellish the pattern a little, just to make the project 'mine'. I added a twisted cord made from kitchen string to the neck, which makes it a more snug fit for my bottle. Also a felted heart... you know I love my felted hearts at the moment... so I had to add one of those too!

warming the heart

test pattern (close up neck)

test pattern (closeup heart)


Tracie said...

Who'd ever thought a hot water bottle cover could be so cute!

Laurah said...

Very cute! I like the plied yarn and the felt heart embelighment is such a neat idea. I hate sewing, but I might have to try out that idea!

Cristina (a.k.a. "Stramenda") said...

Why can't I follow the rows in this? Seems abstract. Its great !

laughing purple goldfish said...

think of it as 'waves' rather than rows...

don't remember the specifics, but the stitch pattern was [sc, dc] repeat to end... then on the next round [dc, sc] repeat to end... and keep alternating like that

(or it may have been a [sc, hdc] combination or [hdc, dc] combination... but you get the drift... it eliminates the ROWS appearance