Tuesday, April 8, 2008

thinking about 40

Is 40 really the new 30? Whatever does that mean?

We tell ourselves some quite bizarre tales sometimes. My dear friend is hoping that as many people as possible ask her in the next week or so, how old she is. That way she can honestly answer that she is still in her 30s! I totally understand, but as Professor Julius Sumner Miller would ask, "why is it so?"

I can clearly remember my Dad's 40th birthday party. I was in my final year of Secondary School and thought I knew it all. Forty seemed so old. I was NEVER going to be 40! On the other hand, none of our children will remember Mr Goldfish's 40th birthday. They weren't even born then! Maybe forty is not so very old after all.

Back to craft. I'm reaching about the half way mark of the afghan. Spending as much time on it as is practical, and loving the results. I'm wondering if I can make it so that there are 40 bands of colour appearing through it? That would be especially appropriate I think. Of course if I had planned this out it would have been handy, but such inspiration comes when it's ready... not when you want it to!

Thank you all so much for the words of encouragement. One of you mentioned that often we work so much more effectively when we are under time pressure, and I'm inclined to agree. If there is a deadline, then you force yourself through the 'pain barrier' and get the job done. Not that crafting is painful (unless of course you are crocheting with telephone wire, which I haven't YET tried but I believe is blisterously painful). It's just that in almost every project you reach a point where the novelty of seeing a new yarn and pattern united has worn off, but you're not yet on the homeward straight. You need to push yourself on through, otherwise it becomes an eternal 'work in progress' which haunts you forever. Ah... the ghosts of projects past. I'm sure you are familiar with them.

kd40 (halfway)


Lucky-1 said...

Love the colour scheme.....

Cristina (a.k.a. "Stramenda") said...

Aaaah, the pleasure of looking at rows and rows of fluffy, bulky crochet. Neat, aligned, colourful, I just want to touch it !

I liked what you said about pushing through when the novelty wears off. I thought I was the only one who had to do this. I feel a lot better knowing that others "hit the wall" too :-)