Wednesday, April 9, 2008

still thinking

I adore these little clogs. You might remember I picked them up on my travels a few months back. Not that I was in Holland, more like the local second hand store. I had no immediate plans for them, but I had fallen in love with them and I knew I had to have them! One dollar later and they were MINE.

They have been sitting on my desk all this time. Sometimes I feel as though they are taunting me. Teasing me about my creative block. But I know that if I keep them close by then I will be able to find them when inspiration strikes. Every now and again I pick them up and play with them. Right clog... left clog... together clogs. Walk them up and down the desk and then pretend to tap dance with them. I'm far too easily amused!

Or sometimes I just stare at the decorative detail on them and get lost in a daydream. Who owned these little wooden shoes before me? Were they a gift? Were they treasured? Were they proudly on display for all the world to see? Or were they hidden away at the back of a sock drawer? So many questions. So few answers.

I had always thought I would use them to adorn something red. Until I found this fabulous teal coloured stuff. I say stuff, because I'm not sure exactly what it is. One of the joys of op shopping is that you don't always know what you're getting. It feels a little bit like jute, but not so harsh. All I know is that there was plenty of it, and the going rate was fifty cents. I claimed it as my own and the colour is a perfect match for the blue/green paint detail in the clogs.

clogs and aqua

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