Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just not feeling the love

Really not feeling the love for this felted bowl. It has finished drying, but remains floppy... and I really don't like the shape of it. Plus I'm finding the grey colour to be very drab.

All is not lost though... I am working on a makeover for it... next time you see this boring floppy felted platter, you might not recognise it

felted bowl (bricks)

Just a couple of photos for those of you not familiar with the effects of felting... or 'fulling' as the purists would call the technique. Some before and after close up shots which show clearly what becomes of your stitch definition.

felted bowl (before stitches)

felted bowl (closeup)


Julie said...

Could you felt it further to make a thicker, more solid fabric? Or how about spraying it with a mix of fabric stiffener and water?

laughing purple goldfish said...

I actually considered both of those options... and I think if I had loved the bowl I would have persevered with it. But I was finding the colour a bit ugh... so I've made some modifications to it... check out my next post to see what it becomes!