Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bag born from bags

Work has finally begun on the 'bag born from bags' project.

Remember the plastic yarn (plarn) I was plying recently? Well, it's time for it to become a plastic bag again!

In the past, when working with plastic, I have stripped it and used two strands at a time to crochet. The resulting material almost looks like a plastic raffia. The stitches blend together a little and there is still quite a bit of stretch. The plied plarn (starting to sound like a tongue twister here) is much stronger to work with. There is greater stitch definition. The material is still very pliable but not so stretchy.

I have been experimenting with a wide range of alternative yarns this year. So, if anything my hands seem to be toughening up a bit. But I'm struggling with the plied plarn. It is so harsh on the hands. After about an hour or so of working with it my poor hands have had enough. I have to down the project until the next day.

Anyhow... here is the progress to date.

bag born from bags (progress)

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Tanya said...

I love the look of your bag already! I made one a couple of years ago but did not spin or ply the plastic bags, that is a great idea! No wonder it is tough on your hands, still the end result will be fabulous! Now say after me "I will keep this bag, I will not give it away because I get a compliment"- I wish I had listened to myself!