Wednesday, September 10, 2008

true confessions

I'm always a little bit cagey when anyone asks me how many unfinished objects (UFOs) I have lying around. The truth of the matter is... I don't know. Which is a bit silly really... to have projects just waiting to be finished off. So much time has already been invested in them, that it seems crazy not to complete them.

And I honestly believe that it takes a huge psychological toll on a person. Knowing that you have such a huge backlog can be daunting. It's too easy to push the projects aside, trying to pretend they don't exist. But then they just eat at you from the inside, and you end up feeling disheartened.

So it's time for me to 'fess up'... not just to you... but also to myself! Because I have been in denial about this for a while now, and I honestly don't know how extensive the UFO problem is.

Here is my everything!

wip cases

Okay, so I know there's not much to see here. I have very cleverly hidden them away inside these suitcases... out of sight, out of mind... not good.

I need to prepare myself for this. Tomorrow I will open the first case.

It's time to seriously sort and assess. I need to be ruthless. I just need to look closely at each project and ask myself one key question... frog (rip it, rip it) or finish???


crochetgranny said...

Hi, I subscribed to your newsletter, But I can not seem to find your patterns. Would you help me out? I greatly appreciate it. Your items are great and I would love to make some of them as Christmas gifts. Thanks, Barbara

laughing purple goldfish said...

sure barbara -

firstly go to the sidebar on the right hand side of the blog page, where the free patterns are listed

click on the pattern you are after, and it should take you to that pattern page on my blog

if the actual pattern does not appear on that page, it should say CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD... click on those words and the pattern will be downloaded to your computer for you in a printable format

please let me know how you go...

Stramenda said...

I wait wait wait with anticipation to see your UFOs !!

laughing purple goldfish said...

stramenda - meanwhile - I'm scared about just how many there might be!