Saturday, September 6, 2008


Who says size doesn't matter???


The 20.0mm hook is amazing... I definitely have to get me one of these! It might not have the finesse of some of the more delicate hooks, but golly it's fast.


I started playing around with it this afternoon.


Found some flannelette strips leftover from my knitted bath mat, and decided to attempt a crochet version.


ch 35


turning ch, then sc into each of the 35 stitches


change colour and turn work at the end of each row... I worked about 30 rows


don't worry about weaving in ends, just knot them together and trim to a few cms


It's huge! (those are adult size shoes in the photo)

I love it. Best of all, it worked up in a couple of hours - unlike my knitted one, which seemed to take forever. It's also 'sturdier' than the knitted version.


Anonymous said...

That looks great. It amazes me that it worked up so quick. Looks like you've spent alot of time on it. Will you be buying a big hook then?

Tracy said...

Looks great and heaps of fun :)

What about weaving the next bath mat? I've just taken up spinning and do it very badly so instead of knitting with my thick and thin yarn thought weaving it may be easier. But I'd also like to try rag weaving too. Have you had a go at all?

I drink cups of tea said...

That rug is awesome!!

and you are another crocs wearer. and here I was thinking I was one of the few croc lovers left.


laughing purple goldfish said...

jacqui - oooohhhhh yeah.... need to buy one for sure... just outraged at the moment that they are $30 EACH plus $30 POSTAGE... I mean I know it's big, but $30 postage seems a bit rich!

tracy - I haven't tried weaving YET... but I'd love to :)

belinda - I don't care if they are a fashion faux pas... I LOVE MY CROCS!!!

Adrienne said...

I have been crocheting rugs on a 15mm hook, using old flannelette sheets too. I throw mine in the washing machine and dry them on the line. So quick and easy, making and washing them :-).
If you know any woodturners, large crochet hooks made from wood are lovely to use. An elderly friend made a couple for me. Useful and a lovely memento from an old friend.

Lou's Mum said...

gosh you're clever!

Stramenda said...

Wow, I can't believe you made that in two hours!

I'm glad you pointed out that they are adult size shoes as I had thought they were toddler size. So the rug is indeed big for a mere 35 stitches.

You can get the hook at this Australian site for around $19 plus the cost of an express post envelope.

I'm sure a wooden one could be made from a piece of dowel. Something to think about :-)

Next a tute on how to cut flannel from PJ's?

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi purple, is the flannelette better to use for a bathroom mat? My mum wnats me to make her one. Cat.

laughing purple goldfish said...

adrienne - isn't the flannelette beautiful to work with? and it feels so good underfoot! I love it :)

don't know any woodturners, unfortunately... but I hope to meet one soon!

lou's mum - thanks :) I'm having so much fun recycling

stramenda - thanks for the link... I will definitely check that out! as for the pj tute, I will do one for you... I just need to get my hands on some more pjs first!!!! (and I haven't forgotten that I promised a bag tute using a felted jumper... that will come one day)... Mr Goldfish has offered to try and make me a hook, but I would like one some time this century

cat - I love the flannelette for a bath mat... keep your strips about one inch wide, and it makes a thick luxurious mat which feels divine underfoot

Sarah and Jack said...

I love that mat. I buy the old ones at flea markets since I cannot knit or crochet to save my life, and I can never have enough of them!

laughing purple goldfish said...

sarah and jack - thanks :) and flea markets are wonderful places!

Anonymous said...

I have recently joined ravelry, and found myself being directed to your blog time and time again - your projects are awesome. :) I am a beginner so I look more than try at this stage. After reading this, I thought I'd mention that Lincraft have 20.0mm hooks for only $9.99. I am late in posting and you probably have what you need, but maybe other aussies may stroll on by and be interested in knowing where to easily buy big hooks :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

anonymous - I think I love you :)

I haven't bought a big hook yet... thanks for the Lincraft tip... I will definitely follow up on that one... much appreciated!!!