Monday, September 22, 2008

where do I start?

A number of you have been asking me about my CREATIVE PROCESS... where do my ideas come from? how do I make a start? when does it all come together? It's not always an easy process to explain, and it doesn't really follow a set formula.

Not being very helpful yet, am I????

It's probably easier if I step you through a project from start to finish.

For example, I need to make a crochet hook holder for a swap. I want it to be unique and original and fun! The recipient loves peacocks... so I am going to incorporate that passion into the project.

So... what do I know about peacocks? I'm thinking majestic blues and greens, and fabulous feathers. But I want more information, so I'll start with some research…

Don't panic... it's nothing too serious! I'll go to 'google images' and look at some pictures of peacocks. I'll search PEACOCK... also ANIMATED PEACOCK... and TOY PEACOCK. I need to browse through a few pages of images, and then think about the features which jump out at me... the colours, shapes, etc.

Thinking about what makes the peacock distinctive/cute? What gives them their character?

With all these thoughts in my head... I start to sketch a plan. Maybe I should say 'doodle' a plan... because it's not ever anything too fancy.

Again, don't panic. It is incredibly helpful to sketch out your thoughts before embarking on a new project. It will give you a focus, and help you to formulate a 'plan of attack'

Many of you are nervous about sketching. I was too... But now I find it such a useful tool, that I am starting to love that part of the process too.

The thing to remember, is that the sketch is only a guide... and it only needs to make sense to you. You are not aiming for a magnificent artwork to be framed and admired by all. You just want to give yourself some visualisation of where you are heading.

You don’t need to be an artist… just work with shapes in mind… thinking about what will be manageable with crochet. I sometimes like to add some colour to my sketches, so I start to get an overall impression.

I started by sketching out the head and body... thinking about how to store the hooks? how could they sit? should they be hidden by the tail feathers? how would I make that work?

Then it hit me! The hooks will BE the tail...

peacock sketch

So I know have an idea in mind... I have my ideas on paper... The next step is to bring them to life.


My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

super cute idea! your process is much like mine, but your doodle is so much cuter. maybe I need to add markers to my doodle stash :)

Aimee said...

Oh wow, I cannot WAIT to watch this guy evolve! Thank you for including us in the process!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a hook holder.
What a great idea.

Tess said...

Oooh, ooooh!!! In one of the bags of leftover fabric I donated there's some silk in a peacock feather print. But I really love the idea of using the hooks as the feathers too, so actually now I've got no idea how you could incorporate it. Might be too obvious anyway, but it might help with the creative process if nothing else.

Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

hooked said...

I've got to watch this happen. LOL.

Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

Awesome!! What a fabulous idea.

And I love that you sketch on scrap paper lying around the house -- I do, too, but I want to get a special crochet notebook so I know where everything is!

laughing purple goldfish said...

martha - definitely add markers to your stash! I'm very colour driven, so I wouldn't be without them

aimee - you're welcome... you might even see me make some wrong turns along the way...

jacqui - thanks :) now I have to make it work!

tess - yes... that fabric is fab! I was initially thinking about making a felted hook roll, and lining the inside with that peacock fabric... then I remembered my distinct lack of sewing skills, so I decided to go down a different path...

hooked - keep watching :)

lauria - I have about five books which are dedicated to sketching my designs and scribbling out patterns which only I can understand... but I STILL end up using scrap paper!!! I just grab whatever is closest at the time, before the idea disappears

Rima said...

So great! What a cool idea!

Stramenda said...

Oh I'm speechless . . . WOW !

laughing purple goldfish said...

rima - thanks :) haven't heard from you in a while... thanks for stopping by

stramenda - don't get too excited yet! I don't know if this thing is going to work or not... lol!