Friday, September 19, 2008

finished object #5 - silly string swap

These challenges are turning out to be so much fun! It really is amazing what you can achieve when you push yourself a little.

I have posted about this particular challenge several times. If you would like to see my progress through previous posts... here are the first, second, third, and fourth posts.

Just to refresh your memory... I was required to create a doll, consisting of at least 50% crochet.

She had to be humanoid with pointy ears, antennae, a belly button, wings, extra limbs, flippers and a tattoo...

So meet Jewellie...

main shot

She is humanoid.

Little Miss Four named her for me. I was surprised when she chose the name Jewellie. I had been expecting her to choose the name LIPSTICK, as that is what she names EVERYTHING at the moment. In fact, she was recently visiting with friends on a nearby farm... and was given the opportunity to name a newborn lamb... you guessed it... LIPSTICK!

So 'Jewellie' it is... "because she has such beautiful jewels, mummy"

pointy ears

She has pointy ears. She tries to hide them under that mass of wild red hair, but they always end up poking out.


She has antennae. I've used garden wire which has been twisted around a pencil to achieve a coil, and a couple of old round buttons on the ends.


She has a belly button, complete with piercing. Just a dot of brown texta for the navel, and a small gold bead for the piercing.


She has wings. These were leftover lightly felted hearts from this project. I just added a crochet edging and attached them.

extra legs

Extra limbs. Yep! I'm sure four legs is more than enough.

webbed feet

Webbed feet. These were cut from an old felted jumper.


Tattoo. She has a large butterfly tattoo stitched onto her right hip.

upside down

So now she is ready for her new home... and will be flying all the way to the USA. Can you tell she is excited?


Stramenda said...

Beautiful !! The detail is just amazing !

I love the belly ring too - nice touch ! LOLOL !!

Anonymous said...

She is just gorgeous. You are so very clever. I'm sure she will be received with much love.

sue said...

She is an amazing creation, yet another wonderful one you have made. I love all the extras you added to her too. I am sure the recipient will absolutely love her and you will probably miss having her around the house.

Lyndyb said...

This is beautiful, oops pardon, I mean she is beautiful. I love her hair, she looks like a fun girl to get to know. Lucky lucky recipient!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

I can see that she has a gold bracelet too. You must be pleased with the end result and probably glad that she is out of the way. Well done girl!

laughing purple goldfish said...

stramenda - if my belly were as smooth as hers, I think I would have a piercing, too!

jacqui - thanks - I know she is going to a good home

sue - thank you - I will miss her... she has become a bit of a fixture around here

lyndy - yes... she's a bit of a wild one... another fiery red head!

cat - yes - her bracelets are brass curtain rings :)

Karen said...

Everything about her is exquisite - I noticed the eyes first and then wondered where and what her tattoo I much appreciate your pointing out her features. Your daughter's name is perfect (combined with the explanation, of course!) but Lipstick would have been great too.

Aimee said...

Wow, she is gorgeous! I'm so jealous of her recipient! I may have to join the silly strings swaps one of these days...

laughing purple goldfish said...

karen - I had been unable to make a decision about the tattoo, right up until the very end of the project... once she was 'alive' it was very simple to choose what and where, and it all fell into place really easily

aimee - yes, yes, yes... come and join in the SILLY STRING action :)

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I wouldn't be able to part with that - too beautiful!
How about making a whole collection of humanoids? ;)

laughing purple goldfish said...

ccc - she is gorgeous... can you imagine a whole tribe of them??? how cool would that be? adding it to my list now... sadly my list extends further than my life expectancy!!!