Sunday, June 1, 2008

flannel bathmat = warm toes

bathmat (crocs)

I started this endeavour a few months back. At the time I was feeling particularly creative and experimental, but unfortunately my head was spinning with the flu. I was in an absolute stupor when I started this project. I thought I was a genius for coming up with the idea of crafting an overnight bag out of old pjs. Pure genius! I stripped some flannelette and grabbed my chunkiest knitting needles. I don't even know what size they are. Just big.

A couple of days later, when the flu haze began to clear and the codrals were actually working... I realised that this was not the best thought out plan. As a bag it was floppy and heavy and impractical. I threw it on the floor in disgust! Then tried to forget about it.

While walking across the room I trod on it. I was barefoot, as usual. Mmmmm.... it felt divine on my toes. All thick and sgushy. I know that's not a real word... but it's descriptive nonetheless. It was so comfy. I wanted to stand on it forever!

And so the bathmat was born. I love it. Machine washable. Goes in the tumble dryer too. In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret. When it comes out of the dryer, I pop it straight down on the floor in the laundry... then let my naked toes luxuriate on it. Mmmmm. Warm, soft, sgushy. An absolute treat. Small pleasures!

bathmat (bath)


Tracy said...

You are amazing! That mat is wonderful. Now ... when crocheting with fabric, do you cut the fabric on the bias or the straight? And is there any benefit to doing it either way In your opinion? I'll come back here to look for the answer need to chase me around the net Lol

laughing purple goldfish said...

hey tracy!

I haven't found that it makes much difference which way I cut the fabric. I generally go with whichever way will offer me the longest strips. Longer strips mean less joins and therefore a whole lot less stuffing around! Hope that helps :)

Karen said...

That is the sgushiest! And I love how things 'take on a life of their own' not necessarily the direction we have imagined.
I knit one out of an old flannel sheet (the part around the edge that is still thick and fluffy when the center has gone thin)and found that ripping rather than cutting worked well. I got continuous strips by notching in an inch or so from one side, ripping across to an inch from the other side, notching a width (I think I did an inch wide) along, ripping etc.

Laurah said...

The mat looks great! Sometimes the best ideas come from the worst beginnings.

Tracy said...

Thanks for that. I like Karen's idea there.
I'll have a play. I have a couple of old sheets here to play with. May even have a go at dying them too.

Love your blog inspiring.

Cristina (a.k.a. "Stramenda") said...

Oh I just LOVE your blog . . I am learning so much ! Love it. Making a dull evening very very fun ! I am hankering for scraps!


laughing purple goldfish said...

fabric strips are so much fun to work with... and I find them addictive, too!

glad you're enjoying the blog :)