Thursday, June 19, 2008

what is a doona cover?

I have been asked this question a lot lately, and it always catches me by surprise. Doesn't everyone know what a doona is??? Well apparently not!

All you fellow Aussies out there will know exactly what I am talking about. Most of us sleep under one at night. Just to end the confusion for people out there, a doona is the same as a duvet or a continental quilt. So it stands to reason that a doona cover is the outer covering for the said quilt, which can be removed and laundered.

I was curious to see just what I could create using a queen size doona cover. Didn't take any BEFORE shots, but here is the AFTER result...


I've been calling it my 'girly bag' because of the pinky/orange fabric colour. Then when it came time to embellish I got carried away with the whole feminine thing and went all flowery.

girly - flowers - closeup

The flowers came from a broken lei necklace from the kids' dress up box. There's a bit of netting in there from a curtain off-cut. It was a bit too stark in the white department, so I subdued it by painting on some diluted parisian essence from the pantry. The tassels and trims are made from reclaimed wool.

girly - closeup

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Tracy said...

Wow. I love it.