Thursday, June 26, 2008

small pleasures

Wanted to share with you some of the events which occurred over my birthday which really made me smile. And realise that my family understand me, and what is important to me. You can't ask for more than that, can you?

richards wrapping

Let's start with Mr Goldfish... who presented me with a gift wrapped in this recycled paper. Bless. Twelve months ago this would not have received a pretty reaction. I would have flipped out about the 'lack of thought' and how disorganized he was for forgetting to buy nice wrapping paper. This year I love him for it. He has watched my priorities changing this year, understands where I am at now... and was bold enough to try something new. I love it! A small pleasure which definitely made me smile.

sam's card

Moving on to Master Eight. The handmade card with the heartfelt message. A mum that tucks me in at night, I will love her and love her always. Wow. So much better than the fanciest store bought card. I love it! Another small pleasure which definitely made me smile.

ben's ribbon reel gift

Master Six came out with this gem. He took a cardboard ribbon reel from his craft box, and wound it full with cotton. Reclaimed yarn!!!! That kid knows what I am about! I love it! Yet another small pleasure which made me smile.


Party poppers. Can't live with them, can't live without them! Okay, so that's not exactly true. But here's the thing... I can't stand the mess they make. The kids love them though, and they are such an inexpensive source of entertainment. The squeals of excitement and delight that sound out when the poppers pop are exquisite! So much joy from such a simple party favour.

Well this was Little Miss Four's moment to shine. I asked her to help tidy up the party popper poop which was all over the floor. As she was collecting it, she said "I don't want to put this in the bin. I want to keep it for my craft box" That's my girl! She wants to make finger puppets out of the plastic cases and glue the curly paper on top for hair. I love it! So many small pleasures which make me smile.

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Janet McKinney said...

Those sort of cards get saved in "Mum's Treasures" box in my place. Keep it forever