Saturday, June 7, 2008

challenged by the 'eye of horus'

Okay. I'll admit I'm way behind the ball on this one. The 'eye of horus' challenge was supposed to have been completed during February 2008. Yes. I realise it is now June! But on the positive side of things... it IS still 2008

When it was first announced, I wasn't particularly interested. It just wasn't really my 'thing' and I didn't know where to start on it. A few days went by and I started to fiddle about with some sketches. I came up with the one pictured below... and was excited to bring it to life as either a wall hanging or a handbag. I was heading down the road of tapestry crochet and felting combined. Grand plans...

eye of horus sketch 2008

After a few failed attempts at the tapestry/felting combination... I decided it was time to change direction. By now it was Easter time and I was starting to experiment with crocheting leftover embroidery threads. While fiddling about with this technique, I crafted this eye. I contemplated using it in my challenge and creating a 3D 'eye of horus'

eye of horus (progress)

Well. It didn't move much further than that. The eye has been rolling around my home for months now. The kids have played 'catch' with it, practiced their juggling, and aimed it at one another in battle. I have attempted a few variations of eye sockets, but it always ended up with me tossing it across the room in disgust.

But I'm determined not to allow this challenge to get the better of me!

So I've gone back to basics. Picked up a hook and some yarn, and just started fiddling about. Not sure exactly where I'm going. Not even sure at this point that I like it. But I am DETERMINED to finish by the end of this month

horus again (progress)

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Red Rocket said...

The second one has a lot of neat stuff going for it. Keep it up!