Saturday, June 21, 2008

it's okay to be a little bit crazy

Have you ever seen a plastic tree crocheted from a cola bottle?

I hadn't either. In fact, I wouldn't have thought it possible until I saw this fabulous creation posted over at Craftster.

I was amazed to discover that the plastic had been cut slowly and patiently with nothing other that a regular pair of scissors. Who could be bothered with that???

Well, as time went by... I found myself pondering this project more and more. I started feeling guilty every time I put a plastic bottle into the recycle bin. It was as if the bottle were calling out 'keep me' 'keep me' 'make me into something special'

So eventually I had to try it for myself. I sat down with my bottle and scissors, and set about preparing my 'pepsi plarn'

As I was patiently snipping away at the bottle, Little Miss Three came to see what I was up to. How was I going to explain myself without sounding like I had lost the plot entirely?

"Well, Darling... I know it sounds a little bit crazy... But Mummy is cutting up this bottle into plastic string so she can crochet something with it"

She gave me the most patronizing look ever, gently patted me on the arm and said

"It's okay to be a little bit crazy Mum"

pepsi plarn

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shirleyknits said...

This is very interesting!! Does it hurt your hands to cut it up so finely with scissors? I can imagine trying it, and snipping right through the strand. I hope you'll post more about this, like how long it took to cut up a whole bottle. *hint, hint*

Ann :D