Tuesday, June 3, 2008

out of control

I'm embarrassed to admit that the number of projects I start working on far exceeds the number of items I finish. My home is very fertile ground for WIPs, and they seem to be breeding like rabbits. After a while the sadness of not finishing actually outweighs the joy of starting anything new.

So with the end of financial year looming, I have conducted a stocktake of my unfinished craft. I won't share with you the final numbers, but let's just say that I even manged to shock myself. Although Mr Goldfish wasn't at all surprised!

I have chosen ten, that's right TEN unfinished objects. My goal is to complete them all by the end of this month. And start nothing new in the meantime.

As always... there is an exception to the rule. Little Miss Three has a birthday coming up in a few weeks, and I know I will want to make a gift for her. So I may start on that... but nothing else!

Okay... want to see what I have in store

june wips

from the far left and moving clockwise
1. baby afghan 90% done
2. girly rag bag 60% done
3. herringbone bag 90% done
4. autumn basket 50% done
5. baby kimono 35% done
6. gardening bag 5% done
7. plarn basket 40% done
8. 'eye of horus' challenge item... really stuck... will probably re-start this one
9. scarf 60% done

and underneath everything
10. kd40 afghan 75% done

It's going to take some self-discipline...


Jossan said...

I hope you all luck! I know the feeling of starting to much and not finish them all.

I hope you will keep us up to date with all your wips! :D

Rima said...

I wish you luck. I have a deal with myself--only to start a project after I have finished three WIPs/UFOs. It has been helping.