Monday, June 16, 2008

naughty goldfish!

I cast on for a new project. Someone spank me!

Led astray by Helena a gorgeous knitted girl's jacket featured in the latest Knitty.

Working it in a size 4 for my daughter.

helena (naughty)


Jossan said...

I think you have done it pretty good anyway, finish off 6 project before starting on something new.
And theres stilla lots of days of june, so Im sure you will be able to finish something more. :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't you been a busy bee!!!!

You've done heaps and it's only the eighteenth. I hope you're feeling suitable proud of yourself.

I love your work - such beautiful colours and shapes - and even an entire queensized afghan!!

How lovely it will be for your friend to think of you while she's cuddling her little one in that afghan too!

Anonymous said...
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