Tuesday, June 24, 2008

limbo land

step 18

I have this wonderful basket sitting in my lounge room... piled high with an assortment of different balls of fabric. I call it limbo land. The fabric there has reached the end of its original life. It sits in limbo, patiently anticipating its next life. One day it will meet with a nice chunky crochet hook, or maybe even a pair of knitting needles. Who knows what it may become?

Check out my photo tutorial if you are interested in seeing my method for cutting the fabric.


Karen said...

A work of art in its limbo state! The edges look too even to have been ripped into strips - how did you do it? My wrist protests too loudly if I try to cut many lengths of strips so ripping is my usual method. Always curious to learn of another method!

laughing purple goldfish said...

karen... I have added a photo tutorial link to the above post, which shows my method of cutting strips

Karen said...

I saw the tutorial after I had commented on the limbo land post and will try that out soonest - super!

Jodie said...

This is fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing..

Jodie :)