Monday, June 2, 2008

found it!

found it... finished it... hated it... transformed it...

rag cushion (garden chair)

Remember last week I was complaining about having LOST one of my WIPs? Well I found it...

I had pretty much given up looking for it. You know when you reach the point where you just keep checking the same places over and over again, even though you know for a fact it couldn't possibly be there... BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALREADY LOOKED A MILLION TIMES! I know you know what I mean.

For some reason it was hidden in the children's dress-up chest. I can only imagine it was scooped up by mistake and packed away with the costumes at some stage. Not a place I was EVER going to think of looking. But there it was.

So I finished off the knitting. Sewed the base. Crocheted a couple of straps. Prepared the lining. Added tassels along the bottom. And then decided it was way too wide as a bag.

But I loved the colours and the texture of it. So I removed the tassels and straps. Filled it with stuffing. Sewed it closed. And decided it was a cushion!

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