Sunday, March 15, 2009

accidental hat revisited...


pattern used:
hook used:
  • 5.0mm hook
yarn used:
  • this stuff here
  • it seems to be about a 10ply... is hairy, but soft... and oh so snuggly
  • love the idea of working through the back loops only
  • it gives a wonderful stretchy rib texture to the hat
  • will definitely used this method in future
  • this hat was made to fit a three-year-old... but because of the stretch in the stitch pattern... it will comfortably fit an adult, too!
  • flower pattern is taken from the little miss two bag... I worked only round 1, using a 7.0mm hook and 12ply yarn



MyCretanlife said...

Like this hat. The yarn you used worked up very nice. You seem to work quickly. thing your irish rose sqare is smashing

laughing purple goldfish said...

judith - thanks... it was a dreamy yarn to work with too... so very soft and almost silky... as for the irish rose... I think I am in love with that pattern!

Have a great day said...

Hi Just wanted to tell you this is a yarn from Spotlight -i bought it to make hats and jumpers for my twin girls- yes it is so soft and so easy to knit up- wish i had of bought more- please go have a look on my website = and on the first page you will see them there in their gear- same lovely colours as yours...a great photo which always makes me smile.. Jo Brown

Have a great day said...

SORRY- what am I saying?? - it was bought at Lincraft.. I buy so much wool from Spotlight that I automatically wrote that without picturing the shop/ aisles etc.. it was definately a Lincraft yarn..from 2 years ago.