Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the first of many...

So many of you have correctly noted that I need to make myself some hats...

This super-short hair cut of mine is wonderfully low maintenance, but BOY does it get breezy!


pattern used:
hook used:
  • 5.0mm hook
yarn used:
  • something different for every row! mostly 8ply... but I wasn't too fussy

  • love the idea of working through the back loops only
  • it gives a wonderful stretchy rib texture to the hat
  • this hat is comfy and oh so warm... exactly what I needed
  • I wore it to a BBQ last week, and got an amazing response. So many people are wanting to place orders so that they can have one too!
hat on me

1 comment:

Karen said...

I imagine you have gotten some rainbows thinking...... Vibrant! And I am wondering how you chose the yarn sequence. Smile inducing. And functional as a chill chaser as well.