Monday, March 9, 2009

the scrappy kitchen mat

I've been plodding away at the scrappy kitchen mat... using some grey carpet nylon worked together with my crazy yarn.

Absolutely loving the results so far. In fact... I'd love to carpet my entire home in this stuff!!!

Unlikely... but a girl can dream, can't she???

Here's a sneak peek at how it is looking so far:



ara said...

Hello!!! I am Spanish, and slightly English.
But I am charmed with it(him,her,you) your blog, your wools and everything what you do.


whatsonox said...

Lovely rug - and it looks so FLAT. When I've atttempted a rug it curled up at the edges or had humps /ridges in it. Mind you I was using plastic bag yarn to crochet it with but it isn't the only time I've had problems with my flat round crochet things trying to make themselves into flat baskets. Any advice?

Sam said...

I'm loving the look of that :-)

I need to see more!

Karen said...

Thanks for the peek! I need something just inside the kitchen door and scooped up some rug yarn at the last rummage sale.....hmmmmmmm.
I suppose you could do an entire house - tile (square) by tile. Wouldn't that be something.

Anonymous said...

So, what is the total "thickness" of the yarn you're crocheting with? And what size hook? I'd really love to give this a try for my kitchen but I'm so anal about hooks and yarn weights that it's keeping me from getting started. Thanks.

cam90066 said...

Love it! Look forward to seeing the FO in place.

CraftyCarole said...

<3 it! Must. Learn. crochet.

I want one and have tons of rug yarn... hmmmmmmm

MarieR said...

I love it, too! You outdid yourself yet again! I'm afraid I'm a lot like Leslie - get too hung up on the details. I'm even afraid my crazy yarn won't turn out right because I won't like the colors I have. Nuts, right? But I'd also like to give this a try, along with an easy peasy bag! Maybe you could do a tutorial for the anal among us LOL. Can't wait to see your finished rug. Thanks for such a great blog and all your help.

laughing purple goldfish said...

ara - thanks so much for your kind words :)

whatsonox - working flat round pieces can get messy if you are not using a consistent thickness of 'yarn' (some of the wigglys can be flattened out by blocking, but if it is severe then blocking might not help)... since I am using crazy yarn of varying thicknesses... I have worked this mat back in forth in rows into a rectangle shape... which is much more forgiving than the round shapes (since you are not dealing with increases)

that being said... if you have your heart set on a round mat... but it keeps basketizing itself, then you can just add more increases to keep it flat

sam - soon :)

karen - it would look magnificent!

leslie - I'll need to check... I have no idea... will post the details soon

cam - me too!

craftycarole - it would be a really easy beginners project!!! seriously... think about it!

marie - hmmm... there is a little bit of anal hiding in me too... actually, mr goldfish would say A LOT of anal... and NOT very well hidden... lol!