Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bathmat... completed


pattern used

needles used
  • 15mm needles
  • pattern actually calls for 19mm needles, but I don't own any!

yarn used
  • the fabric is some kind of ribbing... looks like the kind of thing you would use to trim t-shirts perhaps? I found a couple of rolls of it at the op shop
  • it's about 3cm wide

  • the cable looks really chunky, but is actually quite soft underfoot
  • although the cable adds visual interest to the mat... if I was making another one, I would omit the cable and just work the piece in moss stitch
  • love the moss stitch... creates a really nice texture underfoot
  • measures 46cm x 84cm... next time I would make it a bit wider... just because that's what I prefer!


Cassie said...

I love the pink bathmat! The ribbed detail is really nice. You inspired me to make a bathmat from my fiance's old T-shirts last month:

My beagle especially loves the new mat for naps!

heklica said...

I haven't visited for a while - there's so much to catch up with! The mat looks perfect!

LisaB said...

You have really done a wonderful job and your assessments for next time are right on target. I like the cable, but find it out of place, its so big. I love the color and am sure it finds alot of use. Is it easy to wash? Also, I have been wondering if there is a tutorial anywhere on the web for replying recycled yarn of which you might be aware?

laughing purple goldfish said...

cassie - off to check out that link now... thanks for sharing

misha - thanks :)

lisab - thanks... not sure how it will wash.. I guess I will find out sometime soon!

as for the re-plying... there is a link here which shows a drop spindle in use for plying recycled cottons... does that help? I use a spinning wheel to re-ply my yarns if necessary... let me know if you'd like more information about that

LisaB said...

Thanks for that link! I have both a spindle and wheel, both about 25 years old and the wheel in need of repair. I would love more info on plying on the wheel.