Monday, March 16, 2009

hair today... gone tomorow

Those of you have been following my blog for a while now, know that I recently lost my mum to leukemia.

Actually, it's been over five months now... but it still feels very recent.

As a result, I decided to participate in THE WORLD'S GREATEST SHAVE to raise funds for the Leukemia Foundation. Click here if you are able to help by sponsoring me.

So... here is me before the big shave


and you'll have to check in again tomorrow to see the after shots!



Unknown said...

I am visiting via 02122's blogroll. The title of your post caught my eye. I have Hodgkin's Disease, which is very similar to leukemia. It keeps coming back, so I'm now losing my hair for the 4th time. Luckily I look OK bald, because I don't like wigs, they're too itchy. This is a great thing you're doing to raise awareness. You might want to carry a business card about why you are doing this and hand it out when you notice people looking. And they will definitely look. They'll assume you're sick and not want to meet your eyes.

heklica said...

You have my support. Awareness and compassion is something that is so easily lost in a time of crisis.

Dream on the wave said...

A very brave thing to do! And I wish you will raise as many dollars as hairs you are giving!

whatsonox said...

You have my support too.

Does this mean we'll be seeing patterns for more hats?

Anonymous said...

WOW... Can't wait to see the results..
You had better knit yourself something pretty good for after the event...
Can't wait to see - oh and what does Mr Goldfish and the little ones think????


laughing purple goldfish said...

elizabeth - thanks so much for stopping by and commenting... my heart goes out to you, and the challenges that life is sending your way... take care :)

misha - thanks

dream on the waves - what a beautiful thought... thank you

whatsonox - could be... it's very chilly with no hair!!!

sharon - mr goldfish can't take me seriously... the boys thought it looked so cool, that they shaved their heads too... and little miss cried for over an hour, because mummy looks like a boy, and won't be able to wear pretty hair clips any more

KAF said...

Aw. You will have to make a hat that takes pretty hair clips.

Showering will be super easy now!

Mr Goldfish!!

Randomly Elly said...

I am visiting you for the first time. I truly do not believe it was an accident that I stumbled accross your page. On October 7, 2008....I lost my momma to lung cancer. I know what you are feeling and I still have those days that are really tough. I still reach for the phone to call are in my prayers.

LisaB said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I think the business card is a great idea. Of course they will be recycled materials all. This is the first time I have ever seen you and it is a pleasure to put a face to the warm personality you have online. I hope you are able to raise a good amount of money.

Sandie said...

Visit your blog regularly and love it.
Wanted to say way to go girl!!!
My 17 year old daughter had her head shaved recently too and she raised over a $1000. We have lost 3family friends to cancer in the past 4 years and she thinks its time to stop going to funerals and do something positive!
(Feltfanatic - ravelry)

laughing purple goldfish said...

kaf - I didn't think that I really spent much time on my hair... but now I can see that I did!

elizabeth - hugs for your loss and thanks for your prayers... I can totally relate to the whole phone thing... something significant will happen, and it is an automatic reaction to think of calling her... time makes a difference, of course... but as you know it is still a devastating loss :(
(more hugs)

lisa b - thanks so much for your support

sandie o - kudos to your daughter... she is doing a wonderful thing :)