Wednesday, June 10, 2009

project #10 - night out on the cape


front - outdoors

pattern used -
yarn used -
  • recycled yarns... a chenille and a ribbon yarn worked together yarns used
  • between the green contrasts in the ribbon yarn and the soft texture of the chenille, this project totally reminds me of nature... of moss growing on an old piece of timber

hook used -
  • 4.5mm bamboo
thoughts -
  • I like the panels with the little hearts in them, but I really wasn't sure about the long sections of chain
  • the longer the garment 'hangs' for, the more the chains droop... and I'm starting to like the result
  • there is also a pattern for a shawl pin with this cape... I only worked one round of the pattern, and added a bead every second stitch
  • the ring of the shawl pin? it's ONE of those wooden curtain rings, of course!

beaded elegance

close up

shawl pin in place


heklica said...

This is so elegant! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh I like, alot!
Gee those curtain rings sure do come in handy ;-)

Karen said...

The combination of yarns, the contrast/complement of the materials chosen for the pin, the crochet hook as the fastener - wow! Fantastic.

Jessica Martiele said...

Gorgeous, of course, but it's the decoration that kills me...I LOVE the fact that you "recycle" even a CROCHET HOOK and turn it into a fabulous and elegant piece of decor and self-expression! True brilliance with this one!

Eliane Zimmermann said...

I love the idea with the ring and the needle, lovely detail, elegant garment!

laughing purple goldfish said...

misha - thank you :)

jacqui - yes... very handy indeed! who would have thought???

karen - much appreciated

jessica - it's always good to have an emergency hook with you... just in case! and this way I can WEAR it, too... lol!

eliane - thank you so much

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the instructions for the pin but the link to the pattern is no longer working. Would you send it to me please?

Sleek said...

Love the crocheted pin. Just finished my first prayer shawl and would love to have the instructions for the pin.😁

Gram said...

I would love to have your instructions for making the shawl pin.
Thank you for your inspiration.