Tuesday, June 30, 2009

project #18a - kozie janezies

kozie janezies

pattern used -
hook size -
  • 4.5mm bamboo hook
yarn used -
  • I used two strands of 4ply/sports weight yarn, worked as one
  • pattern actually calls for a 10ply/worsted weight to be used
comments -
  • I really wanted to make these in the ruby red, because I am totally in love with the baby ones
  • unfortunately they're nowhere near as cute as the baby ones, but then again... I don't have cute baby feet any more either!
  • kozie janezies
  • I had to stop a round or two early, because they were coming up too high on the top of my foot
  • take a close look at the photo below... see the shaping on the inside heel of the feet? I don't know if it is my crocheting, or the yarn, or the pattern... but for some reason it seems to stick out like a bit of a growth
  • kozie janezies
  • I should try blocking them to see if that helps... but next time I would fudge the pattern a bit, to avoid the stickie-outie-bitties (yes - that's a technical term)
  • despite the fact that this style is not very flattering for my feet (it makes them look shorter and fatter than they need to) they are actually quite comfortable to wear
  • instead of buttons, I used a couple of beads from an old bracelet
kozie janezies


Sam said...

Well, I think they look cute :-) Ruby Red slippers - you can't knock it!

Chase Clark said...

My goodness you are motoring through that book! All the projects turned out super cute, I especially like the bib and both slippers!

laughing purple goldfish said...

thank you both :) they certainly are toasty and warm... perfect for our aussie winter!