Thursday, June 4, 2009

project #4 - wishy washy dishcloth

I didn't have a thick enough cotton in my stash for this project, so I decided to combine a couple of finer cottons together... by plying them on my spinning wheel


first I chose the cottons I wanted


then gave them a little twist, to see how they would look when plyed


tied all three strands to the leader yarn on my bobbin


then began to ply them together, by pedalling the wheel in an anticlockwise direction, and allowing the cottons to twist across one another


when the bobbin was full, I wound the yarn into a hank and washed it, to set the twist


pattern used -

yarn used -
  • recycled cotton, plyed as above

hook used -
  • 5.0mm hook
thoughts -
  • nice design, but I prefer a more solid fabric for my dishcloths
  • maybe it's my imagination, but I see little butterflies in the pattern... do you???
  • DSCF0237
  • see the head at the top... the puff stitch forms the body, and the two pairs of wings?


Nushki said...

Oooo~ I see the butterflies too! But it's much more obvious in the full shot of the whole thing.
I like the colours you chose =]

anjahsh said...

Like the color combinations.
Much beauty work to see in your blog

fairiedust2478 said...

I totally see the butterflies! That is really neat. Happy accident?

I also bought the 30 days e-book. I can't wait to finish up one of the projects I'm working on so I can get started on one of those!

Mandii said...

I love the colors you plyed together. I love the discloth too.

Sam said...

I like the plying. Very clever :-) And the colours look great together.

I didn't see the butterflies - I was looking and looking, and then I saw them. Cool optical illusion.

laughing purple goldfish said...

thank you all