Thursday, June 11, 2009

project #15 - beautiful saver


pattern used -
yarn used -
  • 10ply/worsted weight reclaimed wool, in pink
  • grey and black sewing thread
hook used -
  • 4.0mm aluminium hook
comments -
  • the pattern calls for the flap to be made using a different colour of yarn from the body of the bag
  • but I didn't want a harsh contrast, so instead... I used the same yarn, PLUS two strands of sewing thread... one grey and one black... all worked together


open (front)

open (rear)


MyCretanlife said...

you are certainly charging through these patterns. Like this one a lot.

sukigirl said...

I really like this one plus I like how you added thread with the yarn, never heard of this before so I must try it.

laughing purple goldfish said...

judith - I'm getting there! thanks for the feedback

sukigirl - adding the thread isn't something that I have seen done before... I just tried it one day, because I wanted a slightly different yarn... seems to work... so now I keep it in mind! experiment for yourself and see how you go...