Thursday, August 2, 2012

Announcing the Winner...

Time to choose a winner in the Flaming Lamborghini challenge..

There were some very creative bags on offer this month: Just take a look...

Flaming Lamborghini

See the one on the top left... the Flamingo Bag? Loren knitted it out of PLASTIC BAGS! Yes. The entire thing is made from plastic. Even that striking flamingo...

And the one on the bottom left? T-shirts. Suzie knitted it using strips of old t-shirts. 
How clever is that?

Then you'll notice that the centre right one has a hole in it. 
A beautiful, practical, and intentional hole. 
Melba created that so that her yarn can stay safe and clean inside her project bag, 
while she is crafting...

Centre left we have the Icicle Bag. By changing the colour palette,
 Julie has entirely changed the feel of the bag... taking it from flames to icicles...

And look closely at the other two bags there... Jorel and Debbie have been quite sneaky. Instead of weaving in their yarn ends at the tip of each flame, they have left them loose as a bit of a design feature - creating a small tassel.

I love all these different versions, but I haven't shown you my favourite one yet:

Daphne has created the Africa Bag.

What amazing dedication to her theme... the yarn choices... beads... and the lining...

At first glance, it looks like some wonderfully intricate colour changing yarn has been used. But these are all individual solid colours, and it's Daphne's technique and timing with the changes that makes it look so awesome!

Africa Bag

Africa Bag

Africa Bag

So a HUGE congratulations to Daphne...
and I will wait patiently to hear what she would like me to design for our next Knitting Challenge
(that part always makes me a little bit nervous - and excited at the same time)

Meanwhile.. the Flaming Lamborghini Bag pattern is now available for sale
PDF Knitting Pattern available for AU$4.50

Flaming Lamborghini

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Evie said...

Love them all, but I'm delighted to see my fav one won. Well done everyone. :o)