Thursday, August 9, 2012



Yesterdays post made me stop and think. I didn't realise just how much I HATE my current storage system (or lack thereof). My yarn and my recycling are such a huge part of my life - and I want to love every aspect of it. There's no reason not to. So I need to find the love again...

In my thinkings... or is that thunkings? I realised something.

I do NOT hate it all.

In fact there's aspects of it which I quite like.

Love even.

Sure. Maybe they've needed a bit of a tidy up (just like everything else around here) but that's easy enough to do. Just don't tell Mr Goldfish I said that, or he'll want me tidying all that other stuff as well.



Here's one of the things I love: My Notion Jars


An entire shelf of my Kitchen Buffet is dedicated to my Notion Jars. I guess that I shouldn't really call it a Kitchen Buffet any more. It hasn't been that for a while. It does sit alongside our Kitchen Table (or is that a craft table??? one can never be too sure around here) but it's more Arts and Crafts than anything else. It's home to boxes of wrapping papers and cards, as well as old photos. Lots of coloured pencils, textas, crayons (for the kiddies, of course - if you can believe that) and underneath is some open shelving for Little Miss Charlotte. You see, she used to open my cupboards and pull out everything from inside - so I removed the doors, and put her toys in there instead! I love the Buffet set up the way it is. The kids colouring things are all at eye level, and so appealingly set out, that it inspires them (and sometimes me) to want to sit down and draw - LOVE it.



I was supposed to be talking about my Notion Jars, wasn't I?

So. Basically there's a big long shelf, with lots of glass jars.


Mostly OPEN jars. Which works really, really well. They're kind of colour sorted. For example green beads and green buttons and any other cool green things that I find lying around go into the "Green Jar". Okay. I know you didn't really need me to spell it out quite like that for you. You get the picture.


There's a jar of postage stamps. A jar of plastic lids and rings. A jar of wooden pegs. A jar of labels for  when I finally get myself organised and start selling some of my creations. There's even a jar or two of beads just for the kids. My favourite jar is the one with metal stuff. It houses old keys and springs, screws and D rings, washers and bells. Things which make noise when you clang them together.


And the clogs are still there. Have you been following my blog since the Clog Days? I still haven't found a project to use them in - but they don't taunt me about it. They just sit there looking lovely! I'd miss them if they were to go... I love playing with them, and so does Little Miss Charlotte.


Back to the jars again.

They're good - I love them - They work - They stay

Didi I mention that it is really easy to put things away when you have OPEN storage? If I find a button or a screw or whatever, I just breeze past the buffet and POP it into the jar.

So. What else do I love?

I'll have to get back to you on that!


PS. Did you notice that my String Collection has it's own jar, too?


Kyliie said...

I LOVE hearing about your storage! It gets me incredibly inspired. I looked back and drooled on your old storage a few weeks back so I was delighted to see you updated a little bit! Love the idea of the jars! Thank you for being my inspiration <3

Cliodana said...

hum... inspiring! i have a lot of mason jar at home waiting... i was using spice magnet box for my button.. but too much button now have to use bigger jar! thank's for the inspiration... i know what i'll use my week end time hihihi have to ask my men to make a shelve now! isn't what we call couple project?
nice day and alway fun reading you

Saphire said...

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