Monday, August 13, 2012

Video Tutorial - Crazy Yarn Knots

Scrappy Blanket

Since I posted about my Scrappy Blanket, I've had oodles of questions about how I tie my knots in the yarn. Of course it seems so straight forward to me - I mean, they're just knots, right?

It's funny, because this is the only way I would consider making these joins... but I've heard from a number of people who are tying their knots as you would tie a double or triple knot in your shoelace...

Don't do it that way! It will take you FOREVER!!!

My method is a simple overhand knot.

It's easy, fast, and super secure...

It's not especially pretty - but that's okay - you'll be so distracted by all the sticky-outie tails in the finished project that you won't pay any attention to the actual knots.

So here it is:

My first video tutorial...

Hope it helps!


Neen said...

I have never learnt to tie knots like this o thanks for sharing. That is a great video tutorial :)

Carole said...

A sweet, easy-to-understand video. Thank you!

Twigwoman said...

WOW WOW WOW... After all of this time of our communicating via the web and emails today I got to hear your VOICE!!!!! And a lovely one one it is!!!
I also use this form of knot though did not know its name... I also save all of my scraps - short ones like you are tying in the video I place in a large clear baggie and save for stuffing things.... the collection of medium length ones are saved for my granddaughter's craft projects and the others are used for my scrapghans... made one for myself and have had 3 kids ask for one of their own!!!