Wednesday, August 8, 2012


stash flash - feb 2009

I love this photo.

It's a shot of my stash, taken back in February 2009 - I blogged about it here

Everything was so neat and tidy, and easy to access. I could see what I had at a very brief glance. It was easy to put things away - and I was always motivated to put them away, because it all looked SO PRETTY...


Sadly,  it doesn't look like that anymore.

In fact - it makes me a little sad and wistful for the Good Ol' Days when I look at this photo...

Because I'm having a big UGH with my craft storage at the moment...

Too much stuff.

Too much mess.

Not enough order.

Too fiddly to get to.

Not inspiring.

In general - UGH!

So what happened to change that Beautiful Wall O' Yarn?

Well, for starters - I lost my craft room - it became a bedroom for Little Miss Charlotte. That was kind of the beginning of the end... We moved all my goodies to the main living area downstairs, but then MICE attacked my open storage of yarn!!! So everything had to go into large plastic tubs which could be sealed tight. Practical but ugly. And not at all inspiring.

Plus I've accumulated too much stuff again. Nothing fancy or particularly valuable, just a big stockpile of garments and manchester to recycle. More than I will ever get to in a lifetime.

It's time for a cull, and a re-structure...

Deep breaths - and off I go!

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