Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fixing Suff

Repair Project

Most of my craft time lately has been spent "Fixing Stuff".

There's been some Pattern Writing for Captain Fizzlepop, that wonderfully colourful clown...

And some Sketching and Planning for our December Challenge...

But mostly I've just been Fixing Stuff (or trying to)

Repair Project

This cushion was in fabulous condition - except for those buttons.

Poor thing was starting to look MOST bedragled - that star was definitely losing its shine!

Of course I didn't actually HAVE the ones that had dropped off - so I improvised with some round buttons instead.

As always, it took more work than I expected - about 20 buttons needed to be stitched on.

Repair Project

And I think it works.

In fact it worked better than I anticipated...

You kind of get so caught up in the overall pearlescence (is that even a word?) and shine... that you lose track of the individual shapes of the buttons.


Repair Project

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elbey said...

It looks lovely, whatever you call it! Pearlescent IS a word, and as they are 'Mother of Pearl' from inside the shell then that is correct. BUT.... there is a word I love - Iridescent - which refers to the way the colours change according to the light, so maybe both apply. It's gorgeous whatever you call it! xx