Wednesday, November 30, 2011

7 skeins yarn


"Detailed Description of Contents: 7 skeins yarn"


This parcel arrived for me yesterday.

And what a surprise! There's that much other drama going on in my life at the moment, that I had genuinely forgotten that this parcel was even on its way... So it was both SURPRISING and DELIGHTFUL when I opened the letterbox to find a soft brown squishy parcel.

We've been doing a bit of online shopping this Christmas, so there's been an assortment of deliveries lately. Usually when each one arrives, I know what's inside. But this one was soft and squeezy - and I hadn't ordered anything soft and squeezy!

It... felt... like... YARN...

lots and lots of yarn... but I hadn't ordered any...

Then I remembered my PRIZE!

I'm embarrassed to say that I did a little 'happy dance' right there and then, so I hope that none of the neighbours were watching. But I was so excited...


Remember the Celestial Wall Art which I made for a challenge recently? Well I won First Prize! How lucky is this little ducky?

I'm especially loving this variegated yarn:


And I hope Cassidy doesn't mind me showing off her art work... but there was a little note inside, whcih included these two little guys:


I'm inspired to make one of them... maybe even both... and I can use my NEW YARN

(yarn with actual labels... with all the recycled yarn around here, I don't get to see labels very often - so this IS really exciting)

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