Monday, November 21, 2011

That Patchwork Blanket...


Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments on Friday, about my gorgeous Little One in her new dress...

And a very big welcome to everyone who has been visiting here from Rhonda's blog!

In the comments on Friday, Tammy was asking me about the blanket in the photos, and whether I had made it?

Yes I did... and I love it to pieces. For such a simple blanket, it gets SO many compliments whenever we use it. Generally it stays in the pram, so it's always on display when we go shopping, or out for a walk...

I get a real buzz when people ask me about it!!!

I blogged about it when I had just started on it, but I don't think that I ever got around to showing you the finished project. The original post is here.

So I started out knitting in strips like this:

patchwork baby blanket

And then joined them together:

patchwork baby blanket

Which gave me this lovely looking blanket:

patchwork baby blanket

But the egdes were lacking stablility, and the blanket was losing it's neat shape really easily...

So I decided to add a crochet border:

patchwork baby blanket

I only wanted something simple, which wouldn't detract from those fun squares. But one round wasn't substantial enough... see how the edges were all wavy? It didn't matter how many times I frogged it and tried again, it just wouldn't sit nicely!

patchwork baby blanket

But with a few more rounds, I ended up with this edging:


And here's a full view of the finished project:


But it looks much cuter with BABY hands on it, don't you agree?


Adorable... Dimply... Pudgy... Scrumptious Little Fingers...

I could just KISS them right off...


Anonymous said...

Death. By. Cute! <3 Totally adorable picks. And seriously cool blnket :)

psmflowerlady said...

Baby fingers and TOES on little chubby baby feet make everything look better! Again, lovely blanket - made even more so by baby!

jifr said...

I was beginning to wonder whatever happened with all that. ;) Glad to see you and little one are still doing well and that being a new mom again hasn't slowed you down too much. I know that with my last one it was just that much more inspiration to start making all kinds of things! ;D

Anonymous said...

Sewing squares in alternate 'grain' direction can help keep the shape

Unknown said...

Quiero traducción en español gracias