Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something I thought I'd NEVER make...


So here it is... Something I thought that I would NEVER EVER crochet...

The coat hanger!!!!


Have I finally lost the plot...?

They're such an 'old lady' thing to crochet... and I honestly NEVER thought that I would go there!

But my friend Elle has been working on a bunch of hangers lately. I think she might be a BAD INFLUENCE, but she convinced me that I could make one in true scrappy style, which wouldn't scream OLD LADY at all.

In fact, we had a crochet meet at my place yesterday, and Elle even brought me a coat hanger to cover - how could I possibly say NO to that??? Such a sweet heart!

So I pulled out some crazy yarn, and my hook, and came up with this:


Which was fun... but lacking a little something


Enter the buttons and old petals


And here we have a VERY ME hanger...

Which I have to admit is very useful... especially for those garments which always slip straight from your hangers. Like this summery shirt of mine:


Now it stays in place beautifully.

Elle has a free tutorial over on her blog, and a few other posts about the hangers she has been making... but I warn you, she is addicted - has made 41 so far, and not showing any sign of stopping!

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AuntieElle said...

Sorry for being a bad influence - ha ha! But you as you said, you were able to make it very "you" and I think it looks brilliant. The sunflower petals and buttons were the perfect finishing touch! They really make hanging up your clothes so much more fun - I see more in your future :)