Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Wreath - Scrappy Style


Can you believe that it has been THREE WHOLE YEARS since I shared my Rag Wreath Tutorial???

Definitely time to make another one!

(a wreath, that is... not another tutorial)

This was made for a Christmas Decoration Swap... where we had to make something for under $5... All I needed was some thick cardboard, fabric scraps, a little embroidery thread and a few buttons.

Oh, and a small brass ring for the wreath to hang from.

It started out like this:


... but it seemed a little bland, so I added a padded heart to the centre:


Much nicer now...

And here it is hanging on my front door:


Not for long, though... It had to be parcelled up and mailed away to my partner Deb.

And would you like to see what Deb sent me in return???

Well, first there were these two lovely crochet hearts for my Christmas Tree. I especially love the beads which weight them down perfectly, as well as adding some extra pizzazz!


Next is this door hanger... complete with a button Christmas Tree - how cute


And also this pot holder... you can see that it has been made from recycled denim... that dark area is where the pocket has been removed from. What a fabulous idea. I think I might be making a few denim pot holders for everyday use here - I love the idea. And they'll match that denim apron I'm working on too.

Not that things around here really have to MATCH! It's much more fun if they don't.



claudia said...

My dear
WhatI do most like in your blog as your great, funny, colorful ideas...
Just lovely,
Cláudia, Brazil

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to try this project! It looks so fun and colorful and could be made for any season of the year. Thank you for sharing your wonderful crafts and for this awesome blog.